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13 Of The Worst Things That Could Possibly Happen To You In The 90s

Growing up we had a lot of stuff going on. There were new technologies being thrown at us every day, a crazy new fashion styles that seemed to change every year, and we were all going through puberty.

That's a a lot for kids to handle! We were all being challenged mentally, emotionally and physically. The trials and tribulations we went through maybe weren't the most dramatic things ever compared to other generations, but they were ours and it's pretty hilarious to look back at what used to be our biggest problems.

1. Bottoms of your baggy pants getting soaked or ripped

2. Tags ripping off beanie babies

3. When you wanted to use the internet but your mom was on the phone

4. Having to buy a separate light to play your Game Boy at night

5. When a CD didn't have the lyrics in the sleeve


6. Going to Blockbuster but they are out of the movie you wanted

7. When you had to call home but you didn't have a quarter

There are a lot more problems we dealt with back then that seem super trivial now...

8. Sometimes blowing in the Nintendo cartridge didn't work on the first try (even though it specifically said not to)

9. Running out of Dunkaroo icing before cookies

10. Having your tape unravel without having a pencil nearby

11. Your computer mouse wasn't working so you have to clean the ball


12. The brand new anti-skip portable CD player you got lied

13. When you had to record a show but the VCR didn't start on time or you were out of blank tapes

Life was really different back then. Now our problems are much less hilarious and just depressing... But at least we can always look back and remember when our biggest issues involved our favorite cookies!

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