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13 Facts About Marilyn Manson That Are Definitely Weirder Than He Is

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If you grew up in the late 90s, there was no doubt in your mind that rock and roll's greatest boogeyman was Marilyn Manson. Taking his stage name from a combination of a beloved Hollywood actress and a prolific serial killer, the ghoulish singer skyrocketed to stardom thanks to his aggressive, bleak music, iconic image, and a swirl of controversy rock hadn't seen since the 80s.

He's had multiple albums go Platinum, been nominated for four Grammy awards, published several books (including an autobiography), and even still records music to this day! However, we're pretty sure everyone but the most dedicated of Manson fans won't know these 13 facts about him.

1) His real name is Brian Warner


Apparently his late mother, Barbara, used to still call him "Brian" well into his career. His dad, Hugh, embraced the change and now calls him "Manson."

2) He attended a Christian school for much of his childhood.


He went to Heritage Christian School from grade 1 to 10. I somehow don't get the idea it was a positive experience for him.

3) His band started with a slightly different name.


Manson actually launched his band all the way back in 1989 as "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids," but dropped everything but his stage name in 1992.

4) He's been engaged three times (and married once).

The Independent

He's been engaged to actresses Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood, and actually did marry fetish model Dita Von Teese for two years.

5) He's done a lot of acting.

He's had bit parts in movies like Lost Highway and Party Monster, appeared in documentaries like Bowling For Columbine, been a regular on shows like Sons of Anarchy, and most importantly of all, played himself in Clone High.

6) He's been asked to score horror movies.


He was asked to do the score for the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre starring Jessica Biel, but had to decline because he was too busy recording his album, The Golden Age of Grotesque.

The facts about Manson just get crazier from here...

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