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12 Retro Soft Drink Commercials That Are So Insane You'll Spit Out Your Soda


Anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s is no stranger to absolutely insane TV commercials, but for some reason, soft drink companies took it to a whole other level. They often partnered up with big celebrities or came up with ridiculous slogans, but, as these 12 ads show, they're definitely memorable.

When Pepsi partnered with Miami Vice

Michael J. Fox and the mysterious paper Pepsi

Nancy Sinatra singing about Royal Crown Cola

Magic Johnson on 7-Up

Anybody remember Surge?

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Crystal Pepsi, the clear cola that the internet loves to remember

Michael Jackson on Pepsi, proving Pepsi spends all their money on hiring stars for commercials

Seriously, here's P. Diddy in a Diet Pepsi truck

The classic Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola commercial that's been parodied a thousand times

When Pierce Brosnan fought a ninja for a Diet Coke

Kriss Kross in a Sprite can. It doesn't get much more 90s

Busta Rhymes rapping about Mountain Dew

Bonus: It's not a throwback, but the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad that made the entire internet angry

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