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11 TV Sidekicks Who Stole the Show From The Main Character

Having a good imagination was pretty important when you were a kid. There were so many amazing toys and games that you could play, but the way to ensure they were going to be the maximum level of awesome was to tap into that youthful and innocent imagination.

One of the most enjoyable things to imagine was having a pet or animal buddy that you could hang out with. I guess you could try to convince your parents to get a pet, but they weren't really the same as some of the ones you saw on TV.

A lot of these creatures had a lot of benefits on top of being adorable, and honestly they stole the show any time they were on screen. Which of these was your favorite?

Pal from Arthur


Pal was a very good dog who was very adorable and tiny. He also was secret best friends with Arthur's baby sister Kate and that always made for some excellent adventures.

Spike from Rugrats


Another very good dog, Spike was the perfect accomplice to all of Tommy's plans.

Nibbler from Futurama


Nibbler was the cutest little alien who was a very good pet 90% of the time, then the other 10% he was a complete badass who would save the whole group from whatever problems they were facing.

Ord from DragonTales


I don't know about you, but being friends with a dragon is something I absolutely wish I could do.

Any of the My Little Ponies from My Little Pony Tales

Sunbow Productions

Just the most beautiful ponies. Each and every one of them is perfectly wonderful.

There are more amazing creatures to remember, click to the next page and see if the best buddy you always wanted is on it!

Abu from the Aladdin TV show


He was absolutely wonderful in the movie and he continued that streak in the TV show. Aladdin is so lucky to have such an awesome little buddy.

Garfield from Garfield and Friends


Sometimes Garfield seems like he is a bit cranky, but really, who likes Mondays? Also, I am sure you could get some good deals on lasagna so there is enough for both of you.

Liz from The Magic School Bus


Liz was always so helpful to Ms. Frizzle! She was always ready to push the buttons in the bus or get the Frizz anything she needed.

Even some live action shows had amazing animal sidekicks!

Marcel from Friends


Even though Ross was kind of annoying, his monkey Marcel was pretty awesome!

Eddie from Frasier


One of the best dogs on TV, Eddie was super smart and super loyal.

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Easily the best animal sidekick on TV. Sure, Salem may actually be a man trapped in a cat's body, but he seemed to have embraced his feline life quite well.

Who was your favorite animal sidekick growing up?