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10 Games We Played in School Because They Were Supposed To Teach Us Things

These days, we spend most of our days on computers or our phones, but back when we were kids it was like this special treat we only got ever once and a while. The best class was always computer class because you would get to play the best games around!

Schools always had the best games! A few lucky kids were able to get home computers as well, but a lot of us had to wait until it was time for the best class around. Obviously all the games needed some kind of educational component, but they did a great job disguising it in fun games that we all loved.

How many of these educational games do you remember?

1. Math Blaster

The most fun way to learn basic math! I mean, look how cute that little character is?

2. Storybook Weaver

Storytelling is one of the best ways to get that imagination up and running when you're a kid and this was the coolest way to do it!

3. All The Right Type

Some teachers we super strict on sticking to that home line on the keyboard. I remember we had one teacher would would put a piece of paper over your fingers so you couldn't look at the keys while you typed!

4. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego was one of the best shows around, so good it's getting a reboot! The game that accompanied it helped us all learn a lot more about geography than we realized while we traveled across the globe trying to track down Carmen.

5. Number Munchers

Math is always more enjoyable when it's got tiny creatures involved!

6. Magic School Bus Games

The Magic School Bus was easily one of the best shows we could watch as kids. Ms. Frizzle was one of the best teachers, the kids were all wonderful and unique in their own way, and we learned so much! It was great when we got to play in that world ourselves! I remember this game so vividly!

7. Reader Rabbit

It was always great to head to "Wordville" for the day. Learning how to read was pretty great, especially when you get play fun mini games to do it!

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8. Spelling Blaster

It might not have been as popular as the math version, but it was still great in its own way!

9. Math Circus

Because math is more fun when it's dealing with dangerous animals!

10. Odell Lake

You have to decide what you think your fish can eat or what they need to chase away. You also have to know when you need to run away, and there were a lot of different fish to chose between. Such an important learning game.

11. Dr. Brain

Trying to help out Dr. Brain by solving all his puzzles is a bit weird. Especially because some of the games you are trying to help reprogram his brain?

12. Mario Teaches Typing

Learning how to type isn't very exciting, but learning how to type with your favorite video game characters is super fun! Mario and friends help you in an adventure style typing lesson which is much better than just boring words.

13. 3D Dinosaur Adventure

Dinosaurs are just the coolest, that's a fact. The problem with them is how hard it is to grasp everything about them. There are so many different types and time periods to keep straight so this game would help you learn in a fun way, making it a heck of a lot easier!

14. Super Solvers

Learning how to use problem solving skills is pretty important! This game made it super fun to try and figure out all the mysteries.

15. Oregon Trail

Okay I get that this was a rough time in history, but did we all have to die of dysentery?

Which education game was your favorite? Share in the comments!