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11 Obnoxious Sitcom Characters From The 90s That Are Just The Absolute Worst

Sitcoms are one of the very best things available to watch. Sure, cartoons were great and dramas are fine, but sitcoms were the absolute greatest. There were so many to chose from, all with their own great stories.

The thing is, not all characters can be winners. Sometimes there is a really annoying character who is necessary to the plot but honestly, just something about them drove us nuts.

There were just so many irritating characters that we put up with, how many of these do you remember hating?

1. Steve Urkel


Sure, he was one of the main characters, but does that mean he was automatically delightful? Absolutely not. That voice, those awkward interactions, the walk and especially those catchphrases are really enough to drive you crazy.

2. Janice Litman Goralnik

Her voice is one that haunts the brains of anyone who has ever watched the show. Any time you say the words "Oh. My. God." you can't help but hear it in that nasally tone. And don't even get me started on that laugh.

3. Samuel "Screech" Powers


With a name like Samuel Powers you would think that there was a small chance that this character might be alright, but then you realize that he is only referred to as Screech and you give up all hope. His voice, his attitude and really just him, all of it is a lot to take. Saved by The Bell was a great show, but Screech was just the worst.

4. Kimmy Gibbler


Oh Kimmy, the things you do to try to fit into the family. The "neighbor-best-friend" is a pretty common character archetype that is repeated over and over again, but Kimmy takes it to the next level. Not only is she the neighbor and best friend of DJ Tanner, she is also the rest of the family's worst nightmare. Even Michelle Tanner wasn't a fan...

5. Stuart Minkus


He was constantly trying to ruin Cory and Topanga's relationship because he thought he should end up with her. He was essentially just a brat who vanished for years before turning up in the graduation episode. No matter how annoying he was, nothing could ruin all the amazing moments that Boy Meets World gave us.

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6. Raymond Barone


So they called the show "Everyone Loves Raymond" but really, does anyone actually love him? I mean, yes his mom, but everyone else is just completely exhausted by his presence.

7. Dawson Leery


How can so many main characters be so annoying? Dawson is a bit of a whiner, so much so that the entire internet uses his crying face as a meme.

8. Fran Fine


Fran has some good points. She is SUPER confident which lets her get away with a lot, but she also is another one of those "a lot to take" type of characters. Between her voice, laugh and brightly colored fashion-sense, Fran Fine is not everyone's cup of tea.

Although once you watched The Nanny for long enough you kind of grew immune to the sound. Honestly it was a great show, it's hard to believe that everyone is so grown up now!

9. Marcy D'Arcy


She was another neighbor, but with less redeemable qualities than Kimmy Gibbler (that's saying a lot.) She was constantly hurling insults and getting in their way, who really enjoyed her being around?

10. Newman


Wayne Knight is a hilarious actor, but Newman is just one of the absolute worst. Over the years he was constantly doing everything in his power to get Jerry evicted, arrested or even infested with fleas? That is not very nice behavior. Somehow Seinfeld was still a great show with an amazing cast of characters.

11. Ross Geller  

I get it, he was important to the plot. It also is one of the best shows ever, so to be the worst character in the best show is really not that bad but he was THE WORST. He was jealous, possessive, pretentious and obsessive.


Also he had some pretty gross views on things like gender norms. Remember the episode when his son has a Barbie and he freaks out? Or when Rachel wants to hire a male nanny who is obviously more than capable for the job? Get it together Ross...

Which characters did you hate in your favorite sitcoms?

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