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Man Collects Over $100K Worth Of 80s Memorabilia And We've Got To Admit, We're A Little Jealous

There are some people who love the 80s, and then there is John-Paul Annuziato. Some may say that he is completely obsessed. His collection of 80s memorabilia has more that 30,000 items from the decade, valued at over $100,000!

Annuziato says that, "my goal initially was to bring back the 80s — the culture and the style. There was no political correctness. No censorship. The clothes, everything was a statement piece… The 80s was a wild time.”

J.C. Rice

He has turned his entire apartment into a shrine to the 80s, with everything from Care Bears to video games stacked all over the place. He started collecting his treasures back in 2009, when both of his parents passed away. The obsession only grew when he was in two different car accidents in 2014 that made it impossible for him to leave his home.

All he could do was scavenge the listings on eBay, and this is what he found...

His collection eventually became so huge that he realized that he should actually do something with it. “This needs to have some sort of showcase,” he said. “This needs an audience.” And that's how he got the idea to launch a website called "80s Then 80s Now" where he can show off his impressive collection.

J.C. Rice

He's got toys, games, clothes, electronics, books, and even school supplies! Check out some of his incredible collection below.

Trapper Keepers were something we all desperately wanted, but seldom used

Classic NES games we all had to have

He even has classic cereals that we haven't seen in 30 years

There are books that will bring you back to your childhood

And games you completely forgot existed

He's got a classic Kid Sister doll

And of course the matching My Buddy!

What items would be essential in your 80s collection?