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10 Villains We're Supposed To Hate, But Who Don't Actually Deserve It

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Have you ever found yourself watching something, only to realize that you actually kinda like the villain more than the heroes? Or even worse, thinking that the villain might have a point?

Well friend, you're not alone in this! There have been plenty of "big bads" throughout history that are maybe not as bad as people say. In the case of these 10 evildoers, we kinda have to wonder if maybe they weren't so awful.

Hades - Hercules


In Greek Mythology, Hades has always kinda gotten the short end of the stick, having to watch over the Underworld after being stuck there by Zeus. Honestly, who hasn't gotten mad at their job sometimes and just wanted to break free? Nobody, that's who.

The Grinch - How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Warner Bros.

He's a miscreant who's spent his life on his own aside from a dog who can't actually talk to him, and we all wonder why he kinda snaps when he sees everyone else having a great time and enjoying Christmas? Honestly, it's hard not to feel bad for the guy.

Hexadecimal - Reboot

Mainframe Studios

Hex was spawned from the same super-virus that also birthed Megabyte, but unlike her scheming, maniacal brother, she mostly was just super emotional to a scary degree. Heck, she helped them fight against Daemon, and ultimately became good!

Harley Quinn - Batman: The Animated Series

Warner Bros.

Harley probably has one of the most tragic backstories in comic book history. A budding psychologist who tried to evaluate The Joker, she ended up being twisted and broken by him into what she is now. Sure she's often homicidal and borderline insane, but deep down she's a scared woman constantly being hurt by the man she loves.

These next few "villains" really just got a raw deal...

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