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10 TV Shows You Wouldn't Expect To Have Toys, But Here We Are

It was never surprising when massive shows that kids love get an equally massive toy line. However, sometimes they pick some pretty random shows to market to kids. We honestly have to wonder if these next 10 really were the kind of things kids wanted to find under their trees at Christmas.



Now you too can own your favorite soldier that may or may not make it out of the war alive!

Gilligan's Island


For some reason PlaySkool seemed to think that they could sell a floating island playset much better if it had the Skipper.


auto world

Because the car looks SO much different than any other generic police car toy.

Happy Days


Why watch the Fonz when you can help him fix his car instead!

The references only get weirder from here...

Laverne & Shirley


Did anybody actually want this as a kid? I feel like Barbie and G.I. Joe were a much safer bet.



Don't get us wrong, Lassie was huge back in the day. But how many toys can you really make of a collie?



Now you too can have wholesome family fun times in the comfort of your own home, away from your actual family!

The Osmonds


I feel like they might as well have just sold this as a boxed two-pack. Can you really have Donny without Marie?



You could bring home the famous car of everyone's favorite squinty-eyed detective!

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