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10 Toys That Would Have Probably Been Super Fun If They Hadn't Been Banned

Toys are often tested pretty rigidly for any possible hazards or offense they could cause to people. Sometimes, like in the case of these 10 classic toys, things kind of slip through the cracks.

Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kid


It could eat things realistically, and apparently it had a particular taste for kids' fingers and hair. It was recalled after many complaints.

Metal Playgrounds


Lawn Darts


Who thought that big, weighted, sharp darts were a good toy for kids? After plenty of them got hurt, these were banned throughout North America and the UK.

Belt Buckle Derringer Toy Gun


It wasn't the fact that it was a mini replica gun that you could wear that got this banned. It was because the caps would often catch fire... while attached to your crotch... yeah...



These things flew at top speeds, floated downwards and hit pretty hard if one spun into you. Kids got hurt, parents complained, and the rest is history.

These next few are especially terrible...

Yo-Yo Water Balls


They were both flammable and had a tendency to get wrapped around kids' necks and start to choke them.



Given these are basically a toy version of a bola snare, which is a legitimate weapon, it's probably not surprising that people got hurt playing with them.

Slap Bracelets


They were banned in several schools after kids would hit each other thing them. Kids are jerks.

Pokémon Cards

The Pokémon Company

The cards themselves weren't harmful, but given a lot of them were pretty rare and valuable, tons of kids who brought them to school ended up having their cards stolen from them. This meant that tons of schools just outright banned them.

Spanish Barbie


The Spanish tradition of bullfighting is a hotly debated tradition amongst animal rights activists, and when Mattel released a Barbie dressed as a matador, there was a significant controversy.

Spongebob Address Book


Now I know what you're thinking: how could an address book possibly be dangerous? Turns out the answer is when the paint on the rings contains an unsafe amount of LEAD!

Po The Teletubby


A particular talking version of Po was recalled after parents thought he said "bite my butt." Yeah.

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