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10 Things We Did As Kids That Are Way Harder To Do Now

Everything seems to just be easier when you are a kid. Whether it's because you aren't in shape any more, are too tired all the time, or simply just don't remember how to have fun, the hobbies you had as a kid are WAY harder to do now than they used to be.

Obviously there are somethings that come with age that are great, like having control over your life and decisions, but some of the prizes of aging are a bit more troublesome. The older you get the more you are faced with your own mortality, stress, self esteem, all of which can really put a damper on some of your old favorite activities.


When was the last time you try to act like a kid? Did you find it to be nearly impossible?

These 10 childhood pastimes are probably the hardest things you can do as an adult that used to be second nature to you as a kid. See if any of these ring a bell!

1. Jump Rope

When we were all kids every recess was essentially a mini-marathon of who could jump rope the longest. Ideally you wanted one of the plastic ropes because then you could jump super fast, but the actual rope-like ones hurt a lot less if you whipped yourself in the legs.

When was the last time you tried to jump rope? Honestly, you should probably give up on the treadmill and try this instead because the workout it gives you is insane. There is a reason kids are so fast... Their leg muscles are INTENSE.

2. Skip-It

Slightly similar to a jump rope, this toy was actually pretty crazy. I don't know who decided that putting a hard plastic cone on the end of a plastic line was a good idea, but I kind of hope they feel the pain of getting hit in the ankles.


These were a big fad in the 90s and aren't really popular anymore, but I bet you if you tried to do this, you would be either bored or tired super fast. I mean, we don't have the time anymore to stand and see how many we could get compared to our friends because we are off paying bills and other boring adult stuff. It's pretty unfair.

3. Pogo Ball

Someone once looked at a Pogo stick and was like "You know what would make this more fun? If it didn't have anything to hold onto!" And so the Pogo ball was invented.

I mean, I guess that adults do still sort of use these... Have you ever been on a Bosu ball? They are kind of the same thing just not quite as fun.

4. Pogo Stick

It was pretty useless, but also super fun. Jumping up and down for hours on end was always a good time when you were a kid, but now we never make time to hop!


Have you tried jumping on a pogo stick lately? It takes a lot of muscle to be able to do that properly, muscles that seem to be reserved for a select few.

5. Scooters

Seems like it would be so simple right? One foot balances, one foot pushes, and you have your hands to steer? It's like a skateboard but way easier? You would think that, but if you actually tried it you would realize you are terribly wrong.


If you try to use a scooter for more than about two minutes you will realize that you need incredible strength in that pushing leg because it's going to get exhausted in a matter of seconds.

Adulthood has kind of taken away all of our fun... See what else we've been missing out on lately on the next page!

6. Hanging upside down on the monkey bars


So this is where that sudden realization of your own mortality comes in. Trying to get the confidence in your leg strength to let go and hang with your head facing right down is perhaps something that is easy for some, but definitely not me.


It's also one of those things that might just make you feel a little awkward doing. There aren't a lot of adults hanging around on the monkey bars. Maybe there should be separate monkey bars for adults who refuse to grow up. That might be a good investment!

7. Climbing a tree


Climbing a tree was almost second nature when we were kids. We were all practically squirrels. I mean, half the time we did it barefoot, in shorts, completely ignoring all the bugs, scrapes and cuts we were getting all over us.


Now, no one really just runs up to climb a tree. We probably should because it is probably still super fun, but think about it, when was the last time you were in a tree?

8. Eating sugar

Now, you might not think that this is particularly dangerous or exciting, but you know what it really can be. When you were a kid, eating sugar was obviously the ideal. We wanted nothing more than sugary cereals, sugar filled cookies, ice cream, sodas and more.


I mean, obviously we still want those things because we are human, but now we have all this horrible guilt because we aren't supposed to eat all that sugar. It sucks being adult sometimes...

9. Biking

Biking around the block with your friends was the best time. We all had mini biker gangs that we would tour around with, baskets on the front and rainbow plastic beads on the spokes.

Now, cycling is only really done for fitness. People don't seem to just cruise around with their feet kicking out or their hands spread out to the side to see how long they can go without steering. It's just doesn't give the same free feeling as it used to.

10. Jumping on a trampoline


Kids can jump on a trampoline FOR HOURS. They do not get tired. They are tiny energizer bunnies that just keep going and going for all time. Jumping on a trampoline can be super fun, but also it takes a heck of a lot of energy.


If you try to do this as an adult, there are two things that are going to happen: 1. You are going to take four jumps and realize you have made a terrible mistake and get down; OR 2. You will injure your back, knees or hips because apparently compacting your spine and other joints in violent jerks is not that comfortable? Who knew....

Which of these things do you think has become the hardest to do as an adult?

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