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10 Things School Kids Today Don't Have To Put Up With

School as an institution has changed pretty drastically since the time most of us were in it. While we laugh about new things like participation awards and zero tolerance policies, there's also a bunch of things, like these 10, that we're pretty sure kids are better off without.

The sound of chalk and erasers on a chalkboard


The singularly loudest sound on Earth when you're trying to do math


Fleeing in terror from one of these thrown straight at your face


Jotting things things down before the teacher switched a slide on one of these things

Synth Gear

When THIS was the best way to find things in the library


These next few are a real nostalgia trip...

Running over your own fingers with one of these noisy bastards


"Learning" about colonial times with this game

Learning Inc

Having to climb a freaking 2-inch thick rope in gym class


Food served on these


When these things ripped the paper instead of actually erasing anything

Faber Castell

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