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7 Weird Rules We Were Forced To Follow At School That We're Still Cranky About To This Day

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Elementary school, middle school (or junior high depending on where in the country you are), and high school are probably the scariest years of your life. Yes, there is all this propaganda that claims that they are "the best years of your life," but if that's true, then oh boy...

There were so many rules and regulations, all of which were claiming to be in place for our own good, but a lot of the time it felt as though they were just completely ridiculous.

Do you ever wonder if it was just a crazy power trip? Were they just doing it because they could or was there actually a valid reason to their rules? The problem is, it's been far too many years now and yet for some reason, we're still pissed off about it.

These were some of the most difficult rules to deal with:

1. No hats in class

So I didn't wear a lot of baseball hats in school, but a lot of the guys in my classes did. They were the cool thing to wear, and if you wanted to fit in you basically were required to hat one glue to your head at all times.

The brim needed a good bend to it, and you probably should be representing the logo of something cool like a sports team or a cool movie on it.

Alex Mack
Alex Mack would have been so madNickelodeon

The teachers at the time HATED hats. I don't know what their issue was, but they all seemed to think that if someone was wearing a hat, they were absolutely not paying attention. They forced everyone to take off hats, and embrace their hat head.

The reasons they gave us had to do with us not paying attention, the teachers being "unable to see our eyes" meaning that of course we were distracted, or just a dress code violation. They didn't always have to give us a reason, because they were in charge, but I'll always be a little bit annoyed about it.

2. If you're late to class, you miss class

I get that being chronically late for things is annoying, especially if you are the teacher who is interrupted by the students all the time, but you would think that these teachers would want their students to get to learn.

Boy Meets World Mr. Feeny
If only we had Mr. FeenyABC

Some schools, including mine, had a rule that if you were late for class you weren't allowed to attend the class. You had to go to the cafeteria and wait for your next class. It didn't matter if you were at an appointment or missed the bus, if you weren't on time, you weren't getting into class.

If it was the same kid every single time, I guess it makes sense, but wouldn't it make more sense to educate the kids in the school instead of having them sit around waiting?

3. No brightly colored hair

This was a high school rule that was particularly annoying. So you already weren't allowed to wear a hat, but now you also couldn't dye your hair to any color that wasn't absolutely natural because apparently that was distracting.

Now, I don't know about you, but in high school I was looking for anything to express my personality, and colored hair was part of that. When I found out that my purple hair wasn't allowed anymore I was so annoyed.

Gewn Stefani 90s
Sorry Gwen, you're not allowedByrdie

Granted, my school was pretty bad at enforcing their rule so I was pretty lucky. The seemed to leave me and my various purple and dark blue colors alone, but people who dyed their hair brighter pinks and reds were  constantly getting lectured.

Those aren't the only crazy rules that we had to endure...

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