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10 Things From The '90s That Can Only Be Explained By Sorcery

Your childhood is supposed to be a time filled with whimsy and wonder, which isn't exactly hard given how little we understand of how the world works, since we were just kids. Sometimes though, the mystery persists well into adulthood, and in the case of these 10 things, we still can't figure out how any of this worked.

How these spoons changed colors in milk


How this freaking bird balanced on your fingertip


What the hell flavor the Mystery White Airheads were (my guess was raspberry)


Why none of the Trix tasted like the fruit they looked like, or fruit at all

General Mills

The rabbit hole only gets deeper from here...

What wizardry made these markers actually change color


How these crazy "pens" worked

John Adams

How anyone ever managed to get these TVs into their house


Why this would inevitably happen to your binder


What these things were even made of


What the teachers were actually saying

Note: I'm sure there'll be comments saying I'm stupid and spending paragraphs answering all of these questions, but don't even pretend like you knew those answers back then