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10 Things About Home Improvement More Secretive Than Wilson's Face

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Home Improvement was one of those hilarious and completely family friendly sitcoms from the 90s that will forever go down in nostalgic history. Tim Allen playing the role of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor with comedic precision, followed by a well put together cast to accompany his exploits. The show gave us a great look at some of the issues facing families at the time, as well as their personal struggles as the Taylor kids grew up.

That being said, here are 11 things that you probably didn't know about Home Improvement.

1. Older is actually younger.

On the show, Brad, who was played by Zachery Ty Bryan, was actually the oldest brother. But in reality, Jonathon Taylor Thomas who played the middle brother Randy was actually the oldest kid on set, by one month.


2. Richard Karn wasn't the first choice to play Al.

I couldn't picture anyone else other than Karn to play the iconic Al, "I don't think so Tim." Stephen Tobolowsky was originally cast in the role but couldn't do it because he was filming a movie at the time the show started.


3. Home Improvement has a cameo in the original Toy Story?

You always have to love a great Easter egg. Tim Allen plays Buzz Lightyear in the popular kids movie franchise Toy Story. In the original movie, when Buzz is being strapped to the rocket by Sid you can see a Binford toolbox in his room. Binford Tools of course being the name brand tool company from Home Improvement.

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4. The first and only shot of Wilson's face.

Wilson, played by Earl Hindman, was the Taylor's next-door-neighbor who was always there to give members of the family some sage advice. Throughout the show his face was always hidden from view, usually behind the fence but they got creative from time to time. Even when the cast would come out for a curtain call after filming an episode, Wilson's face would be hidden from view by a handheld picket fence. It wasn't until the show's last episode that we saw what he truly looked like.  


5. The season that never happened.

Home Improvement was such a popular show during its time that ABC wanted to do a 9th season. They even offered Tim Allen $50 million and Patricia Richardson $25 million in order to try and get them back in the studio. Richardson turned it down because she wasn't interested in "just a paycheck", and Allen also rejected the offer because he didn't want to do the show without her.


6. The show actually spawned a video game.

When the Super Nintendo was at the high of popularity everyone was attempting to cash in on the trend, even the producers of Home Improvement. In Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit, Tim Taylor runs through the game attacking robots and dinosaurs with a variety of tools. Some games just shouldn't have been made, but if you love Home Improvement maybe this game is for you.

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7. The show was originally going to be called Hammer Time.

Inspiration can come from the strangest places, in this case the writers looked at the popularity of MC Hammer's song U Can't Touch This. Hammer Time was also going to be the name of Tim Taylor's show within the show. I am sure we are all happy with the final choices they ended up making.


8. Before there was Heidi there was Lisa.

Everyone remembers the character of Heidi on Tim's show Tool Time. But before there was Heidi there was Lisa who left the show after season two to "go to college". Ashley Judge was supposed to be the original Lisa but she dropped out at the last moment. She was replaced by Pamela Anderson.

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9. Patricia Richardson wasn't the first choice to play Jill.

After eight seasons of seeing Patricia Richardson flawlessly portray Tim's wife Jill, it's hard to picture anyone else filling that role. But before there was Patricia, there was Frances Fisher (Rose's mom from Titanic). Fortunately for Richardson, the audience found Fisher's acting to be too serious for the role.


10. Tim Allen & JTT had a bad falling out.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas left the show before the final season began filming because he wanted to focus on his studies. That wasn't what angered Allen, it was that JTT continued to appear in television and movie spots during that time as well. All seems to be well now as JTT has made more than a few guest appearances on Allen's new show Last Man Standing.

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What was you favorite Home Improvement moment? Let us know in the comments.