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10 Reasons Why Helen Hunt Is The Real Hero Of The 80s

The movie Girls Just Want To Have Fun was one of those amazing dance movies of the 80s that just made your heart happy. There were so many classic hits and iconic looks that were shown off in the movie, but none were more important than Lynne, the character that Helen Hunt played.

Helen Hunt brings to life the amazing enigma that is Lynne. A rebellious teenager who takes innocent little Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) under her wing and helps her achieve her goals. She is apologetically unique and wonderfully hilarious.

Everyone should look up to her, and here are the 10 reasons why.

1. She owns dinosaur hair clips

2. She also has a totally rad rocket ship clip

3. She is super sneaky while she goofs off during choir

4. Then, at the drop of a hat she will start singing a completely random song to help her friend get out of class, That's one heck of a friend!

5. She knows you better than you know yourself... Look at that knowing gaze (also that hat and those pins ... Amazing)

6. She stands up to bullies while wearing this grasshopper hat because she is the most confident and amazing human

7. She dances like a rock star

8. She will use all the hairspray ever just to make a dramatic entrance

9. She will team up with her best friends to pull the best prank ever

10. And most importantly, she steps in and takes over because she is the queen of everything

If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend you watch it immediately. It is one of the greatest and most fun movies around and will absolutely put a smile on your face.

Who else agrees that Helen Hunt is the hero we all need?