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10 Popular Dances You Definitely Know The Moves To Even Though You Haven't Thought About Them In At Least A Decade

Every once in a while, a song comes along whose entire purpose seems to be to get you to go along with whatever weird dance the singer and producers have decided are going to be the next big thing. A lot of them don't get anywhere, but in the case of these 10, it was impossible not to hear about them.

Spice Girls - "Stop"

Every pre-teen girl from the 90s knew how to do this by heart. I don't even think they practiced; pretty sure the video just beamed the dance into their brains.

DJ Casper - "Cha Cha Slide"

The bane of wedding guests and DJs everywhere, this song actually started out as a workout routine!

Village People - "YMCA"

Fun fact; this song is actually about being gay and looking for some action at the local YMCA. Seriously. I wonder if they'd have played this song during all of my elementary school dances if they knew that.

Michael Jackson - "Thriller"

To be fair, you had to be pretty damn good at dancing to be able to pull this one off. Nowadays though, it definitely looks more hilarious than cool.

The dances get pretty ridiculous from here...

Kylie Minogue - "The Loco-Motion"

Madonna - "Vogue"

Madonna was at the top of her game, and this dance was everywhere... for a while at least.

Whigfield - "Saturday Night"

This transplant from Europe was massively popular, and people were rolling their wrists and jumping around like idiots for WEEKS.

Steps - "Tragedy"

Fun fact: the hands-on-head dance move inspired by this cover of a Bee Gees song is actually based on the scream Macauley Culkin does in Home Alone. No, I am not kidding.

Soulja Boy - "Crank That"

If the annoying steel drum that opens this song isn't enough to drive you insane, the amazingly stupid dance that goes along with it will.

Los Del Rio - "Macarena"

It may not be the oldest, but when you think of "dance craze," it's impossible not to have this song pop into your head.

Which of these dances were all the rage when you were a kid?