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10 Of The Weirdest Dolls Of The 90s That You Desperately Wanted To Own

The collections of dolls we all had in the 90s were pretty outstanding. There were a bunch of different options to choose from depending on your interests, price limit, and just how crazy you wanted it to be. They also all kind of looked the same no matter who made them...

There was everything from a doll who could somersault, a doll who could full on roller-skate, and even a few different ones that would use a toilet.  Let's see how many of these weird dolls you remember!

1. Baby Tumbles Surprise

You know what, you probably shouldn't teach young kids that pushing a baby over will result in a cool somersault because real babies do not do that. They could have made it an older kid, but instead this top heavy baby was what we had.

2. Baby Checkup

Because what your dolls needed was a heartbeat. That makes it less creepy right? Not only does it have a heartbeat, but your doll is constantly getting sick. SO FUN!

3. Baby Sparkles / PJ Sparkles

Nothing better than getting a doll who did something SUPER cool like light up slightly. PJ Sparkles was the original, but then in the 90s her little sister, Baby Sparkles, arrived and a whole new group of kids got to enjoy this sparkling doll.

Or the original:

4. Baby Rollerblade

Just when you thought dolls can't get any weirder, they stick them on rollerbades and have them skating down the street. Yikes.

5. Baby All Gone

This spoon is something that pretty much all 90s kids recognize, probably more than the actual doll!

There can't possibly be dolls any weirder than those ones, right? Well...

6. Magic Nursery Baby

Well, this was a fun game because you would buy the doll, but then when you put the little hospital gown in water it would reveal whether it was a boy or a girl. Better yet, 1 in 36 would actually show that it is a twin! Then parents could send away for the free doll that would arrive to complete your family.

7. My Pretty Mermaid

Mermaids were SO popular in the 90s, thanks in large part to The Little Mermaid. These had a fun little surprise element of their own, like the Magic Nursery dolls where her name wouldn't show up until you dipped her tail in water.

8. Lil Miss Magic Hair

This was always a good time, because chair that changed colors was obviously the most fun thing EVER.

9. Sally Secrets

First of all, amazing outfit. Could not possibly look more 90s. Second, this weird little thing spit stickers out of its tummy and had stamps built into its shoes. So... kind of horrifying but also fun?

10. My Pretty Ballerina

She came with her own leg warmers and everything! Just like a real ballerina! She could dance on her toes and do everything a young ballet-obsessed kid could hope. She just looked a little spooky while doing it.

Did you have any of these dolls when you were a kid? Vote for your favorite and share to see if your friends had the same ones!