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10 Times Musical Guests Made 90s Sitcoms Even Better

The 90s had a lot of amazing music and a lot of fantastic sitcoms. There was just such a distinctive style to them that will always give you a warm nostalgic feeling. We also spent a lot of time revisiting the classics, learning all about the music our parents grew up with.

Whether you were listening to the best songs, or watching your favorite TV shows the 90s were absolutely fantastic. There were so many great things about the 90s, and the fact that pop stars were constantly appearing on our favorite shows really helped elevate it to the next level.


Singers would often get invited onto shows to guest star for an episode, usually conveniently timed around an album release or tour schedule. A lot of stars who were just starting to get popular went on, as well as a bunch of classic legends that people absolutely LOVED.

It was beneficial for everyone involved. The singer/group would get to have their little spotlight on the show, usually singing one of their songs, and the show would get a huge name to come in and draw attention. Everyone wins!

How many of these guest spots do you remember?  

1. Boyz II Men - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will manages to get Boyz II Men to perform at his cousin's christening even though he is essentially harassing them in the recording studio.

2. The Monkees - Boy Meets World

Hey hey, they're the monkees! Who doesn't want to be joined on stage by this fantastic band from the 60s? A new generation of kids got to hear their classic songs and learn just how awesome they are.

3. Bette Middler - Seinfeld


Bette Middler is not only a pop legend, but she is a comedic genius as well. Her ability to play off Krammer just proves how perfect she really is.

4. Tom Jones - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Who else would play Carlton's guardian angel other than Tom Jones? There is literally no one else that could have played this role! They get to sing a duet, he shows Carlton how he has influenced his family and helps him get back on track. So great!

5. Cher - Will & Grace


Now, technically this aired in 2000, but it's too good to leave out! Cher visited Jack which you would think would be his dream, but instead he just doesn't believe it's her.

There are more classic moments from your childhood on the next page!

6. Backstreet Boys - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Literally one of the best episodes of the show. The whole talent show with the bottled talent was absolutely amazing. The Backstreet Boys were just the cherry on top.

7. The Beach Boys - Full House

The Beach Boys are still best buds with John Stamos (AKA Uncle Jesse) and he often performs with them! Look at all those outfits...

8. Destiny's Child - SmartGuy

Tia and Tamara may have been his super famous sisters, but Tahj Mowry got to dance with the original Destiny's Child. That's pretty impressive!

9. Barry White - Ally McBeal

Everyone remembers that John Cage had his little fantasy moments the soundtrack was always Barry White. Well, one episode he finally got to meet him, and does his dance for him! It's incredible.

10. Britney Spears - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

These two had a few magical 90s moments together! The Princess of Pop and the Teen Witch, they were really the best the 90s had to offer. Britney came onto Sabrina The Teenage Witch and then Melissa Joan Hart was in one of Briney's music videos.

Which cameo was your favorite? Share in the comments!  

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