10 Games Every 90s Kid Played That'll Make You Want To Be Back In Gym Class

Second only to recess, gym was one of the best parts of the day at school. It was a much needed break from hours of complicated math problems and history lessons.

While sport activities like soccer, basketball and baseball were standard in any gym class, there were plenty of other games that we played that made the class so much more memorable.

The teachers always knew the right games to pick so that we could have fun with our friends while reaping the benefits of physical activity.

Let's go down memory lane and revisit 10 gym class games that make us want to be kids all over again:

1. Dodgeball

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Friendships were formed and enemies were made whenever we played this team-based game, but in the end everyone had fun throwing and dodging balls. The sound of the ball hitting you is something that will stick with you forever.

2. Scooters


Even though our hands were subjected to extreme pain whenever we rolled over them with the scooter board, it didn't stop us from getting excited whenever we had the chance to play with these bad boys. Sometimes we even got to lie on our stomachs and roll from one end of the gym to another.

3. Knockout

If you sucked at basketball, Knockout was the next best thing. Everyone stood in a line and attempted to shoot a ball into the basketball net. If you missed your shot, the person behind you made theirs and so on until only one kid is left standing.

4. Aerobics

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For those who hated team sports, aerobics days were the absolute best. We didn't have to worry about being picked last or being stuck with teammates we didn't like. As long as we had comfortable clothes and catchy tunes, we were ready to step and stomp until we got sweaty.

5. Koosh Ball Catch

Kids born today will never understand the simple joy of trying to catch Koosh Balls. Not only did these balls look funky, they were easy to catch and throw and didn't hurt when someone hit you with them. Gym teachers brought these in to motivate those kids who hated exercise so much that they feigned being sick. You know who you are.

Let's continue the nostalgia trip with even more games that brought us major fun in gym class.

6. Capture the Flag


PE class wasn't just to improve your physical well-being. Some of the games also put your brain to the test. Although there was some running involved, strategy and the right allies were all you really needed to win at Capture the Flag.

7. Four Square


When the weather was nice and you were finally let out of the gymnasium to play outside, Four Square was always a surefire way to bring on the fun. It was kind of like tennis, except you didn't have a racket and you had to stay within your quadrant to keep the ball from bouncing more than once.

8. Jump Rope

Every 90s kid knows a variation of jump rope and the songs that accompanied them. Double dutch or criss-cross, anyone?

9. Kickball

Part soccer, part baseball, Kickball was another game that tested many friendships. Either you were the captain that everyone loved (because you were a really good player) or you were the last pick, which didn't really help your reputation.

10. Parachute

Parachute day was arguably everyone's favorite. It didn't matter if you were the Kickball captain or the aerobics expert, everyone was good at holding a corner of the giant colorful parachute while standing in a circle. Sometimes we made waves, did the merry go round, popcorn and so much more. Other times, we even got to sit under it and continue the fun. Not sure how sitting under a giant parachute counted as exercise, but I think that's better left unanswered.


Do you remember playing these games in PE class? Let us know!