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10 Facts About 'Escape From New York' That Could Help You Rescue The President

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Escape From New York is one of the all-time great sci-fi action movies of the 80s, and if you haven't seen it by now, boy are you missing out. Directed by 80s legend John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) and starring Kurt Russell as the iconic Snake Plissken, the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat for hours as Snake goes deep into the ruins of New York to rescue the President.

The movie is still great today and has inspired an entire generation of sci-fi action movies, but we're willing to bet even its biggest fans might not know some of these facts.

Snake's eyepatch wasn't in the script.


It was entirely Kurt Russell's idea, and became by far the most famous aspect of the character. Good job Kurt!

Kurt Russell really, really likes the movie.


To this day he claims that it's his favorite of his own movies, and Snake Plissken is his favorite role he's ever played.

The model of the city was used for another super famous 80s sci-fi movie.


After filming was completed, the city model was repainted and reused as the model of 2019-era Los Angeles in Blade Runner. Seriously!

The wire-frame city images weren't done by computers.


Computers that were actually capable of rendering 3D wire-frames were too expensive for the studio when the film was made. Instead, the effects team painted the city black and put reflective tape around its edges.

These facts not wild enough for you? Keep reading...

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