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10 Backstreet Boys Music Videos That Will Make You Say "What Were They Thinking?"

Some say the Backstreet Boys have never left, but who cares because it is time to yell out: Backstreet's Back, ALRIGHT!

The band will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year. That's right, 25! To celebrate this monumental occasion the boys are hitting the road on a worldwide tour and we couldn't be more excited.

Not everyone can make it all the way out to Las Vegas to enjoy their epic performances, so at least this way they can come to us instead! Everyone needs some more BSB in their life.

Can you believe it's nearly 25 years of Backstreet Boys? It feels like it was just yesterday we were watching the music video to Get Down and ignoring the inappropriate content of the song. They had a lot of amazing hits over the years, some more popular than others, but the music videos they produced were absolute perfection.

Let's go through the best ones that we used to love so much.

I Want It That Way

Does anyone really know what that way really is? Probably not, but the song is great and the music video is cheesy and perfect. Those white outfits are ICONIC. Also, there is a lot of facial hair choices that are pretty distinctive... Looking at you Howie, nice chin strap.


This might be the best music video ever made. There is a whole story to it and it's just fantastic. It has some of the funniest outfits imaginable (Kevin, why are you wearing only sleeves), all the boys get turned into different monsters, and then there is the best dance EVER.

As Long As You Love Me

Weirdest screen test ever right? I don't think that is how casting is supposed to work. But getting a chance to see the boys goof off was the best.

Larger Than Life

So this one was BSB in space and that was fun. Also, AJ is wearing a crop top for the dance portion so that is an interesting moment. They fight off some other people while dancing because there is no better way to defend yourself.

Get Down

Remember when music videos could just be a weird dome with the people dancing in the middle? So simple, yet so perfect. The best part is just watching all their group shots but if you watch the faces in the background. It's pretty amazing.

There are even more amazing treasures to help you remember the best boy band ever, click to the next page to see the rest.

The Call

This song is perhaps a bit weird because it's essentially about them cheating on on their girlfriends? So, moral great area but the way they switch between characters is fun and gives everyone their moment to shine. Also, can we please talk about Howie's hair? It's a lot.

I'll Never Break Your Heart

This was fun because every one of them had their own personalized little level and then there was a big dome-like structure for the entire group to sing in together. Nick's hair in this is pretty insane and great too.

All I Have To Give

There are so many different components to this, but obviously them in their white suits is one of the best. Maybe it's because Nick has a bandanna on under his fedora, or maybe it's the awesome dance moves. Either way, it's fantastic.

We've Got It Goin' On

It's their first music video, and you know what the matching outfits are on point. The added touch of Nick's SUPER COOL white hat is just perfect.

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

It's essentially the most important music video to ever be made. I don't know if they made it intending to be absolutely hilarious, but it is one of the funniest things you will ever watch. They try so hard to look cool, but it just ends up as the most entertaining and uncomfortable thing imaginable.

According to Kevin the boys are recording their tenth studio album right now.

"We’re trying to have a single ready by the end of the year this year, and then next year we’re actually gonna do a world tour. It’s gonna be our 25th anniversary next year." Kevin revealed to Mix 104.1. We can't wait to find out when and where they will be heading!

Which BSB music video was your favorite? Share in the comments!