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10 Awful Things About Watching Television That We Actually Kinda Miss

Watching TV was the best escape for most kids. You got to forget about homework and those grueling daily chores and chill out with some cartoons.

The way people watch TV now has changed a lot even in the short time since we were kids. These 10 things will remind you how we used to do it!

Adjusting the antennae or "bunny ears" to get better reception

Having to actually watch commercials and knowing all the jingles

Honestly, sometimes you would look forward to the commercials because that's where you found out about the new toys!


You would have a physical copy of the TV guide that you could flip through each week to find out if your shows were new episodes or re-runs

TV Guide

You could also watch the TV guide channel that you'd have to pay really close attention to because the second you looked away was going to be when the channel you wanted would slip by

There's a bunch more stuff that we dealt with that kids today wouldn't understand at all! Click to the next page for the rest!

You'd have to set your VCR up properly if you wanted to record - make sure you check that tracking setting!

If you wanted a recording that didn't have the commercials it was a whole process of pausing the tape between each segment. But you would be risking the first few seconds of post-comercial break, was it worth it?

Hoping that the free movie channels would play something really good but it was unlikely

On Sundays, Disney would usually have a really good movie that you could watch with your family

At night time most channels also went to bed and would turn to static or those colored bars

How many of these ring a bell for you? Share if you remember doing any of these when you used to watch TV!