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10 Hidden Adult Jokes That Will Change How You Look At The Games You Loved As A Kid

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It's no secret that plenty of cartoons you watched as a kid had hidden, "adult" jokes in them, but did you know a lot of your favorite games did too? These 10 screenshots show us that sometimes game developers have a dirty sense of humor.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 - Naked Lady Level


Each piece of the level looks innocent enough on a tiny Game Boy screen, but when you put it all together and zoom out? Yeah.

Super Mario RPG - Princess Toadstool's ???


Between it being called her "XXX" in the Japanese version, and the fact that she gets as angry as she does when you find it, something tells us Peach has been hiding something in her room.

Super Mario Kart - Chugging Champagne


Whenever you win a race, your character uncorks a bottle of champagne and dives right on in. Pretty surprising given how strict Nintendo was about depicting things like this.

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure - No Tail

The Pokémon Company

Then what did he use for the move? ...Oh.

Beyond Oasis - Hidden Death Moan

Video games tend to have plenty of different sound effects for things like hits and deaths, but this rare one in Beyond Oasis seems kinda... off.

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