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10 Aerosmith Songs That Prove They Were The Biggest Rock Band Of The 70s

Aerosmith has been one of the most consistently awesome bands in rock and roll since the 70s. Over 40 years of touring and living the rock lifestyle pretty damn hard hasn't slowed them down much. Sure, they've had some missteps (looking at you "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"), but these next 10 songs prove that they're still rock gods.

Last Child

One of the most famous contributions made by the band's lesser-known second guitarist Brad Whitford, this song is a live staple of their shows even to this day.

Mama Kin

Aerosmith were never shy about the influence that blues music had on them, and with this song's simple riff and saxophone sections, it really shows.

What It Takes

After floundering a bit during the 80s, the band had a massive comeback with the album Pump, and this power ballad was its biggest single.

Sweet Emotion

There's that blues influence again, this time on a song that's smooth as hell and has some of the best groove ever done by the band.

Dream On

Everyone knows this song, and everyone loves this song. Eminem loved it so much he sampled it for his own massive hit, Sing For The Moment. It's a classic.

They just keep on rocking with the rest of these...

Janie's Got a Gun

A pretty shocking and intense song about a girl who shoots her abusive father, it's been a massive hit for the band since day 1.

Dude (Looks Like a Lady)

Fun fact: Tyler apparently wrote the song about meeting Vince Neil from Motley Crue. Apparently he didn't like his look.

Livin' On The Edge

This gets a boost for not just being an awesome song, but having an awesome video as well.

Walk This Way

A rock classic that sounds just as fresh today as it did when it was first recorded. 'Nuff said.

Back In The Saddle

If you ever wondered why Steven Tyler's often called "The Demon of Screamin' " then listen to the chorus of this song.

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