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7 Good Ol' Reasons 'The Dukes of Hazzard' Might Be Crazy, But Sure Ain't Dumb

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It may be one of the most iconic TV shows ever produced that focused on the lives of southern rednecks who loved to do nothing but get up to trouble and drive fast!

The show is still incredible to watch today, and the more I found out about this free-flying, wheel-turning series, the more I wanted to slide over the hood of a souped-up car and give that sheriff a run for his money!

[Note: But I wouldn't because that is highly unsafe.]

Instead, I just dug up these facts that are crazier than a possum on a gum bush, enjoy!

Everyone Loved General Lee

When the show took off with audiences, actors John Schneider and Tom Wopat got their fair share of fan mail, even the producers found themselves the subject of praise. However, their fame couldn't compare to the 1969 Dodge Charger that stole the spotlight with its headlights.

Of the 60,000 letters the studio received each month, over 35,000 were addressed to 'General Lee'!

"You Might Be A Redneck"

When Schneider was just 18-years-old, he applied for the role of Bo Duke, but was worried that he wouldn't foot the bill as a character, since he grew up in New York.

He lied about his age and strutted into the audition drinking beer, spitting tobacco, and of course, wearing an actual cowboy hat. The producers loved him and gave him the gig!

"Be My #2"

When the studio hired Schneider, they needed someone to play his equally talented brother. As they were completing the auditions, Wopat, who was applying for the job, decided to attend to nature.

Him and Schenider met in the bathroom and got to talking about music, hitting it off immediately. They did a scene together and the producers were convinced, Wopat got the part.

Daisy's Dukes

If you thought Catherine Bach's rendition of Daisy Duke was a tad scandalous, then you may be shocked to find out that that was the conservative wardrobe they ended up choosing!

The show's producers were so worried there would be a clothing malfunction that they had Bach wear sheer pantyhose during filming, in case the shorts were a little too cut-off.

The First Lady Was Their Biggest Fan

Everyone loved the show in the 80s, and it wasn't just people in Dodge Chargers who identified with the cast.

Nancy Reagan famously had a framed portrait of Daisy Duke hanging in the White House!

No Feat Too Small

Of course, the series totalled plenty of cars over the years pulling off their insane stunts. However, when the budget got tight, they were forced to make do with a miniature version of the car and special effects to get the shots that they wanted.

"Whoops, I mean, Yee-Haw!"

That perfectly choreographed slide over the hood of General Lee that became an instant classic in all action movies?

Total fluke. In fact, Wopat admitted that the first time he attempted it as a joke and ended up catching himself on the antennae and getting hurt.

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