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First Glimpse Of Amazon's Reboot Of 'The Tick' Is Out And You Need To See It

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The Tick is a franchise that's had a pretty interesting history. It started off as a fan-made comic that parodied superhero comics of the time, but soon became a beloved cartoon series on Fox in 1994.


The show ran for three seasons and was where most people discovered the character, who was a lovable doofus of a superhero that is nigh-invulnerable and fights crime with his best friend Arthur, a former accountant who wears a flying moth suit.


The show was beloved for its constant humor and relentless poking fun at the superhero genre.

In 2001 Fox decided to bring the show back as a live-action series starring Patrick Warburton, and while it was well-liked by critics and fans, it ultimately had a low broadcast reach and was cancelled after only nine episodes. Tick hasn't really been heard from since, and it's been a dark time for fans of the franchise.


Well, it looks like our prayers have been answered, because Amazon recently announced they're rebooting the series as a streaming show!

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