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How Did We All Forget The Craziest TV Show Of The '90s

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For a 90s kid's television show, especially one based in science-fiction, The Odyssey was an amazing show. It ran for three seasons between 1992 and 1994, and it helped transport us to a different world, a world that would have been more than a little interesting to live in.

To make a long story short, Jay Ziegler wants to be accepted into a "tree house" club which is led by a local tough guy and bully named Keith. Jay ends up offering a telescope that once belonged to his now deceased father.


As you can imagine, with Keith being a bully, the situation plays exactly how you would assume. He steals the telescope from Jay, forcing Jay to attempt to get it back. It was during the reclamation attempt that things start to get interesting: Jay falls from the tree house, hitting his head which puts him into a deep coma.


While he is stuck in his coma, he finds himself suddenly transported to a fantasy world where nobody ever ages past 16. Without any adults to monitor the situation, the kids of this world have made their own civilization, and it's a pretty savage world at that. The kids have banded together to form separate "clubs" that love to shun any outsiders.


When Jay is discovered by the kids from the "Tower," who control the world much like a police state, they make him a wanted fugitive. The "Tower" kids think that Jay is the "wrecker," the one who will be responsible for bringing back the adults of the world.

While Jay is making his way through the world created inside his own subconscious, his mom and friends back in the real world are doing everything they can to try and get him to wake up.

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