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10 Incredible Movies You'll Feel Like A Monster For Forgetting

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The 90s was full of amazing movies that we all loved to watch. Of course, there were all the classic Disney movies and blockbusters that are still talked about to this day, but there were a lot of amazing movies that people have managed to forget about.

We should all take some time and appreciate all the forgotten movies of the 90s. If you were lucky enough to remember these classics, then you should probably pass them on to some of your friends!

1. We're Back

Universal Pictures

Easily one of the best movie's of the 90s and no one seems to have seen it! The cast is amazing, the story is wonderful and there is a song in there that will honestly get stuck in your head for a thousand years but you'll be totally okay with it.

2. Fly Away Home

Columbia Pictures

You wouldn't think a movie about a bunch of geese would be so good, but it was a pretty amazing story.

3. The Secret Garden

Warner Bros.

There are a lot of moments in this movie that are a little bit sad, but overall it manages to be a sweet movie that will give you the right level of emotion that you need.

4. Jingle All The Way

20th Century Fox

Sure, Arnold Schwarzegegger may be known for his action movies, but it's in the comedies that he really shines. This movie should already be a part of your yearly Christmas movie list, and if it's not you should probably add it in the rotation.

5. Richie Rich

Warner Bros.

Macaulay Culkin was basically everywhere in the 90s, so it was a little hard to keep track of all of his projects. But Richie Rich was an absolutely great movie that never failed to make you laugh when you were young.

Those aren't the only forgotten 90's movies...

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