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8 Facts About 'Pingu' That'll Have You Yelling "Noot Noot!"

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Pingu is one of the weirdest and yet somehow endearing bits of children's entertainment ever released to the public. Everyone somehow saw it while growing up, but because of how young we were, we're willing to bet you won't know these facts about it!

1) It's from Switzerland.

Swiss Postal

Everyone I asked if they knew where Pingu was made seemed to have a different answer. Some thought it was the States, others said Canada, and a bunch of people even guessed France. Turns out it hails from the alps of Switzerland itself (though production moved to the UK for its last few years). Crazy huh?

2) The show ran for an absurdly long time.

The Sun

While a lot of people just recently discovered it thanks to internet memes, Pingu actually first started airing all the way back in freaking 1986! It ran until the year 2000, and then again from 2003 to 2006 after the rights shifted. Fun fact, it actually has a whopping 156 episodes that were all five minutes long, and a special 25 minute episode.

3) It also hit a ton of countries.


Pingu has been broadcast in dozens of countries (likely thanks to the fact that it doesn't contain any real languages in it), even reaching as far as places like Malaysia, India, and Japan.

4) Pingu's not actually saying "Noot Noot!"

I'm as devastated about this as you are. According to the official Pingu Trivia Page, the noise he makes by turning his beak into a massive cone is actually "Nüg nüg." Personally, I think that's way less funny. Fun fact: the language everyone speaks is called "Pinguish" or "Penguinese."

Keep reading for more facts about our favorite clay penguin...

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