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8 Mighty Morphin' Facts That Even True '90s Kids Don't Know

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Come on, who didn't watch at least a couple episodes of this high-octane action TV show? It had everything we wanted in a series. There was the space wizard, the dinosaur aliens, the kick-ass team that anyone could look up to, and the way they would morph into Zords (mega-rangers) in order to defeat the perils of evil!

Not many people have seen all of the seasons, after all, there are 24 of them so far. Though even the most dedicated fans don't know everything about the origins of this awesome franchise, so here are eight behind-the-scene factoids about how a spunky group of teenagers got to be the prime defenders of Earth!

The Premise Originated From Japan

The show was actually an adaptation from an existing TV series in Japan called, Super Sentai. The show had a similar plot vein, with superhero youth armored with alien technology to fight a lineup of incredibly powered aliens.

The Theme Song Was A Write-Off

Composer Ron Wasserman wrote the original theme in a mere two hours. He also said that because the theme from Inspector Gadget did so well (15 years prior) they should incorporate the word 'Go' as much as possible. Wasserman delivered, and we have to hand it to the producers for being spot-on in such a motivating intro!

The Original Name Was A Little Prehistoric

The pilot project for bringing the show to America had first been named Dino Rangers, which actually makes a lot of sense. However, just before the show was released the creators made the decision to change the name to something more...powerful.


Zordon, the galactic sage committed to stopping the forces of evil in the universe, was played by actor David Fielding. While we saw this wise wizard often, it turns out they got done all the filming for the first saga of Power Rangers in a single day. The rest was done in a recording studio and set to the original video tape.

“They shaved all my hair off and glued my ears back. And used makeup to make my eyebrows stand out, and then painted the top half of my chest and shoulders green. I sat in front of a green screen while they filmed me because they were just going to use my head and that was it. ... If you watch the character in the show, his movements and his actions seem to be really sort of out of sync with everything.”

There's more show secrets coming up! May the Power protect us as we venture further...

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