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32 Times The Office Made Us Laugh Till We Cried

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There is arguably no better binge-worthy show than The Office. Regardless of how many times I've seen it, I will never get tired of listening to Michael Scott dig himself into a hole, or watching Jim prank Dwight to extreme levels.

Though many will tell you the show got worse as time went on (because it did) we are still left with some amazingly hilarious moments that will stand the test of time.

These are some of our favorite moments from The Office that send us into fits of laughter each time we see them.

1. When Andy can't remember what the Kit-Kat jingle is for.


2. When Jim pulls the ultimate prank on Dwight.


3. When Kevin drops his chili.


4. When Carol dumps Michael but he doesn't want to pay for the whole breakup song.

5. When Andy starts floating away but Angela is sabotaging him.


6. When Michael's solution to his own racist comments is using racist comments to identify race???


7. When Dwight sets the office on fire and Angela wants Oscar to save Bandit.


8. When Jim commits identity theft.


9. When Michael Scott became Prison Mike.


10. When Creed gets a 'blog'.

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11. When Jim hides Andy's phone and it's NOT FREAKIN' FUNNY.

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