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10 Things You Absolutely Didn't Know About Quantum Leap

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Who doesn't love the series Quantum Leap? It is one of the quintessential sci-fi shows of the 80s-90s and it is responsible for launching Scott Bakula into the world, as well as our hearts. Dr. Sam Beckett, a time travelling physicist takes us on a journey through history to correct mistakes alongside his hologram friend, Admiral Al Calavicci.

The show is one of those enormous cult classics that really hit it out of the park. It lasted for 5 seasons and had just under 100 episodes. It actually was nominated for many awards and won 17 in its run including quite a few Emmy Awards. The show was awesome and everyone remembers it fondly, but how much did you really know about it?

Here are 10 interesting facts about your favorite sci-fi show that you never knew before!

1. Beckett's catch phrase was ad-libbed

Scott Bakula improvised the line "Oh Boy!" at the end of the first episode and the writers liked it so much they turned it into his catchphrase.

2. Al's cigar smoking habit was the choice of the actor

Dean Stockwell, the actor who played Al, said that it was "a good way to get free cigars for five years".

3. There were a few things Bakula never got to do that he really wanted to

He had some dreams of where he could have taken Beckett, specifically he wanted a plot to do with the Kennedy family that wasn't related to the assassination or Marilyn Monroe.

4. Fans refused to let it die

When it was facing cancellation after the third season, fans stared an aggressive letter writing campaign and helped get the show two more years on air.

5. There was one year Beckett apparently preferred more than others

He leaped into the year 1958 more than any other year. He went back eight different times in the five year run, more than any other year.

But there were a few years that he never made it to...

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