You Will Be Able To Revisit The 90s With This Brand New Game Boy!

After the crazy success of the little mini NES Classic that came out last year, a company has decided to continue bringing the nostalgia to the people who have demanded it. This time, it's with the original Game Boy!

That's right! A Game Boy that looks just like the original one will be coming stores by August! Excited? You should be!


There are a few differences from the original Game Boy. First, it isn't made by Nintendo. This little unit is made by Retro-Bit, but will work with your Nintendo cartridges from the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Second, you won't need to steal batteries out of the TV remote like you used to in the 90s. This new Super Retro Boy is rechargeable through a microUSB that will last for about 10 hours.

Also, the Super Retro Boy is back lit so you won't need to pull out your old Light Boy - the light they made for the original Game Boy.

The unit looks pretty amazing and will be available for $80 in August.

How badly do you want one of these?