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You Probably Never Noticed Who Was Actually Working At Shining Time Station

Thomas the Tank Engine is a one of those classic characters we all know and love, but how many of you actually remember the show about the train station where he stayed? Shining Time Station was essentially the device to deliver the Thomas clips, and they had a few really impressive cast members!

I never noticed who was actually in this show when I watched it, but looking back now it's pretty crazy!

Didi Conn - Stacy Jones

You might know her better as Frenchie, but Didi Conn was in all three seasons of the show. She was basically the main character and it's kind of crazy that she was in this. I don't know if I ever even made the connection when I was a kid, but I guess without the pink hair she is hard to pick out!

Ringo Starr - Mr. Conductor (season 1)

That's right, the one and only Ringo Starr was the original Mr. Conductor! Only for the first season, but he was there!

George Carlin - Mr. Conductor (season 2-3)

He was also the narrator for Thomas & Friends before this show so it's fitting that he continued on in this version.

Shining Time Station was pretty amazing. Strange concept, as most kids shows are, but still fun. Essentially a bunch of kids would hang around a train station and a creepy man with unfortunate hair would annoy them. Remember Schemer? The actor may not be as big of a star as some of the other cast members but he is absolutely the most memorable.

Brian O'Connor - Schemer

Schemer was a pain. His weird little hairstyle and obsessive tendencies over nickels were all a bit much, but I guess without a villain there is no show? The actor played Schemer through the series but hasn't really been in a lot else.

Do you remember this show? Had you realized that you were watching one of the Beatles hang out with Frenchie from Grease?