Would You Want To Venture Through Bowser's Castle For Real? Super Nintendo World Is Happening!

Mario's world is coming to the real world! Universal Studios has added a new world to it's already exciting theme park: Super Nintendo World.

The first one is planned to open at the Universal Studios in Japan in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. It will obviously feature classic Nintendo characters like the Mario Bros., Princess Peach and Bowser, and it's probably safe to assume a lot of your other favorites will be there too!


It's estimated that the park will cost over 50 billion yen ($433 million) and will create more than a million jobs to build it.

It makes sense that they will start in Japan, especially with the Olympics heading there soon, but let's hope that they bring it to the other Universal Studios Theme Parks over here!


Would you want to wander through Peach's Castle? Or maybe even ride in a real live Mario Kart? Universal does an awesome job at staying on theme so you know its going to be awesome!

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