Would You Want 90s Nostalgia Delivered To Your Door Every Month?

Have you heard of subscription boxes? They sound pretty great right? You just may a certain amount of money each month and then you get this surprise box of presents delivered to your door. It sounds like the dream mail everyone would prefer instead of the bills and flyers we actually get.

Well, 90s kids, this one is for you! There is actually a subscription box that essentially delivers nostalgia to your door. I don't know why it took me so long to find this, because it's something that sounds fantastic.


The service is simply called "The 90s Box" and it claims it's like a little time capsule each month. It sounds kind of cool, past boxes have included Tamagotchis, POGs, and Pokémon cards. All 90s essentials!


It's roughly $25 a month for about $40 worth of merchandise. For the 90s lover it isn't a bad deal! If there is anyone you forgot to buy a Christmas gift, this might be a pretty solid option! What would you hope would be in the box? Maybe a Spice Girls CD or some Snap Bracelets? Your can find more information on it here, but it's mostly just fun knowing that a service like this exists.


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