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Why 90s Games Are So Much Fun

Photo by alexandra avelar on Unsplash

You will often hear that the games today are so much better than those of previous generations and in some respects, that is true. The graphics are better, the sound is also better and there is nothing from the 90s that can compare to the speed of today’s gaming systems and PCs. No, you won’t find games you can play in VR with the right headset, however, that’s about as far as it goes if you are looking for some good old-fashioned fun. Let’s look at some of the reasons why 90s games are so much fun.

First Generation Games Were All About Fun

Think for just a moment about today’s popular games and those of the 90s. Today you have your choice of titles like Grand Theft Auto, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. Each is a video game in which violence and warfare are at front and center stage of the plays. Now take a moment to look back at the first-generation video games such as Super Mario World, Ghostbusters and Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse. From the introduction of the beloved Yoshi in Super Mario World to the antics of Mickey Mouse, they had an almost childlike element that took away the cares of the world. Today’s games seem to heighten many of the fears we are now faced with in society and that cannot be considered carefree fun by any stretch of the imagination.

Action with Little Strategy

While you’ll be leading Mario across the screen to get to new levels, there really isn’t any strategy involved. It’s action for the sake of doing something rather than tiring your brain strategizing how to win a war. This is one of the reasons why so many people love to play slots style online casino games they can find on the review sites. It’s a spin of the wheel rather than spinning your wheels to go for the win. Yes, slots can be fun and that’s why so many people prefer that style game to casino games of strategy like Texas Hold’em or chess.

Simple Arcade Style Music

Half of the fun of those 90s video games seemed to be the silly electronic music in the background with pings and pongs as your character moved around the maze eating mushrooms or squashing spiders. Today’s games often have heavy metal in the background and other popular genres of music trending at the time of development. While we love to listen to the songs, that’s part of the problem! We get so immersed in the songs that we forget we are playing a game of strategy. How often have you found yourself doing just that?

Some gamers like to think of those early games as the joy we experience watching a child take their first steps. The video games of that era were the first steps taken that have led us to where we are today. While we love our games, sometimes it’s good just to relax with a cute game that brings a smile to a face that is otherwise beset with the cares of the world.