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Where Are The Cast Members From 'A League Of Their Own' Now?

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A League Of Their Own was one of the most iconic movies of the 90s. I know for me, it would come on TV at least once a month, and every time I would find myself drawn in, watching it even though I probably should have been doing anything else.

Between Geena Davis's confident Dotti Hinson, and Tom Hanks's cranky Jimmy Dugan, the movie was irresistible. Every character was well-developed and brought something to the movie, and together they told a story that touched a lot of hearts.

It has been over 25 years since A League Of Their Own came out, and we wanted to revisit the stars and see what they look like now. Let's take a look!

Tom Hanks - Jimmy Dugan

Obviously we all know what Tom Hanks has been up to, because he is basically America's favorite actor. He's pleasant, sweet, and talented, and we are lucky to continue to be graced by his presence.

Tom Hanks A League of their Own
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Geena Davis - Dottie Hinson

Geena Davis has been in a lot of projects over the last two decades, most recently in a movie called Marjorie Prime. One really interesting thing about Davis's past is that she was actually almost an Olympic athlete. She tried out in 1999, two years after she took up archery. She ranked 24th out of 300, and while she didn't make it onto the team, she did compete in the Sydney International Golden Arrow Competition.

Lori Petty - Kit Keller

After playing  one of the best pitchers in the league Lori Petty hasn't been seen as much as some of her costars, but she made a huge comeback by appearing on Orange is the new Black when she played Lolly Whitehill.

Madonna - Mae Mordabito

It's been a while since Madonna acted, but she had been in quite a lot of movies in the 90s. Instead she has been focusing more on her music. Her most recent album came out in 2015 and she has been touring fairly recently since.

We knew where these actors have been, but what about the others?

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