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Whatever Happened To Crocodile Dundee?

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We all remember sitting down to watch Australian tough guy Mick "Crocodile" Dundee in his hilarious films.

In 1986 his extremely popular adventures came to the big screen in "Crocodile" Dundee which was written and starred in by actor Paul Hogan.

Hogan earned himself a Golden Globe for the role, and an Oscar nomination for the screenplay. The movie itself brought in $328 million worldwide, which sparked a second film in 1988 which earned $239 million.

These two movie successes made Hogan one of the biggest stars of the 80s, but surprisingly he never made a name for himself outside of his Dundee role.

So what has Hogan been up to for the last 30 years?

He's been unlucky in love

Hogan married his first wife, Noelene in 1958 long before his career as an actor took off. Together the couple had five children. Hogan had his first taste of the spotlight on Australian TV in the 1970s with his sketch comedy, The Paul Hogan Show. It was this entrance into the limelight that changed his romantic life.

It wasn't until Hogan made Crocodile Dundee that his 30 year marriage came to an end. While making the movie, he fell in love with his onscreen romantic interest, American actress, Linda Kozlowski. They pair married in 1990 and had a son together.

Their marriage lasted for over 20 years until Kozlowski filed for divorce in 2013, saying she was tired of living in her husband's shadow.

He turned down some HUGE roles

Hogan only ever made movies that he had a creative interest in, this included his early work as well as Crocodile Dundee, which was a movie and character he created.

This lead him to reject a number of projects that would have advanced his career in Hollywood.

Hogan had reportedly turned down the lead role in Ghost to make his own movie about a ghost. The comedy, Almost An Angel flopped while Ghost with Patrick Swayze earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

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Did you know there was more than two Crocodile Dundee movies?

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