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10 Of The Weirdest Objects Michael Jackson Kept At Neverland Ranch

You've all heard of Neverland Ranch, and if you haven't...well then I'm not sure you live on this planet. Owned and occupied by Michael Jackson, Neverland Ranch was based off the fantasy island of Neverland from Peter Pan, where boys never grow up.

The property became pretty controversial, after allegations of sexual assault against Michael Jackson started circulating. In 2003, the Neverland Ranch was searched by 70 police officers after accusations arose that Michael Jackson had molested children on the premises. After the investigation, Jackson abandoned the property, saying it has been "violated." In 2006, the property went into foreclosure.

But while he was living there, Jackson accumulated some pretty odd items, all of which cost a butt load of money. These are some of the weirdest ones.

1. The Edward Scissorhand Gloves

The gloves Johnny Depp wore in the iconic movie lived at Neverland Ranch, and are estimated to have cost about $5,300. They were put up for auction after Jackson's death.

2. Life-Sized Child Dolls

When investigators raided MJ's home in 2003, they found a collection of life-sized child dolls dressed in sneakers, jeans, and other "normal" clothing. Some of the dolls were positioned as though they were having conversations with each other, and another one was set up to do a shoulder stand on a giant throne. The dolls were found in a room filled with Disney memorabilia and children's toys.

3. A Door Knocker With Two Boys Kissing

While pretty minimal, I'd just feel weird interrupting a private moment when trying to gain entry into the home.

4. A Throne

The self-proclaimed Prince of Pop really took his title seriously, and spent $1,800 to get himself a throne. There was no real gold used for it, which is why the price tag is lower than you might expect. This was also auctioned off after his death.

5. An Animatronic Grandmother Fortune Teller

I'm not sure if this was functional or not, but all I can picture is MJ sitting in front of this machine and asking it questions.

6. A Picture Of Michael Jackson As The Pied Piper

Michael Jackson can say he didn't molest kids all he wants, but the more you look at the items he had in his home, the less you believe him. I'm not saying this picture confirms the accusations, but you have to wonder how he viewed himself to have a picture like this done up.

7. A Finger Painting By Macaulay Culkin

Eighties Kids

The relationship between Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin has always been strange, especially when you remember that Jackson would call the young child up and invite him to sleep over. Despite rumors, Culkin maintains Jackson's innocence.

"Nothing happened," Culkin told Larry King.

When King pressed Culkin about sleeping in the Prince of Pop's bedroom, the actor laughed.

"You have to remember, Michael Jackson's bedroom is two stories," he said. "It has three bathrooms...You have to understand the whole scenario. I talked to him like he was a normal human being...He's just a guy, who's very kid-like himself."

8. A Robotic Michael Jackson Head

Eighties Kids

I mean, who doesn't have one of these lying around? The custom made head has a current value of around $2,400. I wonder if Jackson ever wore this around when he was at home by himself.

9. A Batsuit

Eighties Kids

This isn't too strange when you remember how big of a fan MJ was of Batman. Had it not been for concert commitments in 1989, he probably would have composed music for the movie. Just stop and picture Michael Jackson wearing this while sitting in his throne. It's unsettling.

9. Molds Of His Damn Face

These are quite possibly the strangest thing inside Neverland Ranch, and that includes the weird child dolls. The casts of MJ's face cost about $600 each and depicted him singing...but also experiencing some type of agony? Creative minds are weird, man.

10. Statues of Fairy Children


Most likely, this was because of the Peter Pan theme, but they're still pretty strange. It seems like there were a lot of eyes at Neverland Ranch that were always watching you.

I think everything surrounding Michael Jackson has been heightened to the extreme, but one thing is for sure: this stuff is weird.