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It Was One Of The Biggest Shows Of The '90s, But Are The Original Power Rangers Still Ready To Morph Into Action?

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Premiering on TV in 1993, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was a genuine phenomenon in North America. Taking footage of Japanese Super Sentai shows and adding their own footage to them, kids loved the show for its cast of characters, over the top action, and cool monsters. It's been nearly 25 years since the show premiered, so what are the cast up to these days?

Richard Steven Horvitz - Alpha 5


Horvitz played the voice of Alpha for several seasons before moving on to other projects, becoming an accomplished voice actor in his own right! He's gone on to voice characters like Daggett in Angry Beavers, Zim in Invader ZIM, and Billy in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.


David J. Fielding - Zordon of Eltar


Fielding leant both his likeness and voice to Zordon until 1999, but has continued to come back for various Power Rangers specials.

Louis Stein

Paul Schrier - Bulk


Bulk continued to appear through multiple Power Rangers series with his buddy Skull, and Schrier himself has actually been one of the main directors on the show for years now!

San Diego Comic Con

Jason Narvy - Skull


Skull followed Bulk through multiple Power Rangers series, and the two eventually even went from bullies to heroes as they helped the Rangers out! Narvy himself holds a PhD in Theater Studies and continues to teach as part of the faculty at Colombia University in Chicago!

Colombia University

We know what you're really here for though, so keep reading to find out where the Rangers themselves are now...

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