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We All Had Our Favorite Dream Phone Guy, But Which One Would You Pick Now?


If there was one game that helped highlight the fact that the 90s were completely insane, it would be Dream Phone. The game got you to use a phone to call a bunch of guys to try and the you would have to figure out which one had a crush on you.

There were so many of these guys, each with their own style. Which one of them did you always hope would be your crush? Obviously it's been a while since we played this game so we can't remember their real personalities, but judging by their pictures we can get a decent idea of what they may have been like.


Bruce looks like he will ask you to join him in his run for student council present. Maybe together you can help get those pizza lunches you have been talking about.


Spencer looks like the kind of guy who might spend a lot of time making sure his outfits were in style and that no hair went out of place. Luckily, he would probably help you with your hair too.


Tony has a bit of a hippie vibe. He would probably have been super into hacky sack and skateboarding and would always have some new music recommendations for you.


Matt was the kind of guy who wore those sunglasses on a neck strap, or at least that what's it looks like.


John wasn't afraid of color, and you know what, he made it work.


Mike was the guy who owned a lot of turtlenecks and was probably really close with his grandparents.


Jason was probably the guy who had that typical "remove the glasses" moment at prom where everyone realized he was cool all along.


Steve looks like he was the kind of guy who knew every girl was in love with him, but probably was in love with the same girl since middle school.


Bob looks like he might be too old for this game? He might also be the most likely to take up the mantle of a super hero and fight crime based on his jaw-line alone.


Paul thought he was a lot more charming than he was. Luckily, he was probably funny enough to recover from his failed attempts at flirting.


Alan wants to compete against Bruce for the president of student council, but he is maybe a little less stressed about it than Bruce.


Dan might be cold all the time, but his solution of doubling up on turtlenecks and hoodies means that he is always prepared. Dan is always solving problems.

Find your dream crush yet? If not, there are more to choose between...


James thinks that sport coats make him look older, because he is always trying to seem more mature than the other boys. This means he isn't going to try and lead you on when he's not interested.


Tyler is saving up for school so he probably works two jobs. He might also collect something really unusual like napkins from every restaurant he visits or something.


Carlos is super into sports and will probably ask you to go on picnics in the park to play Frisbee at least once a week.


Dave probably wants to be a stand-up comedian when he grows up. He is constantly practicing new material on you and trying to make you laugh.


Wayne is super smart and constantly pushing you to get better grades. Your study group in the library is always super enthusiastic and he has even gotten you guys kicked out for cheering too loudly.


Dale looks like the kind of guy who can borrow his dad's car a lot so he can always drive you on fun dates.


Phil is a little intense for some people, but his passionate attitude is just what some people need!


Jamal is funny without trying and basically the whole school loves him. He has more friends than you would imagine and often brings you to super fun parties.


George tries really hard to impress you, and your mom absolutely loves him.


Scott is the kind of guy your dad would like, because he knows a lot about sports statistics and would be happy to help with the Fantasty Football league your dad wants to start.


Gary is probably the kind of guy who thinks he is really smooth but lays it on too thick. Maybe deep down he is a sweetheart but he tends to come on way too strong.


Mark is going to college and is will become one of the top lawyers in the city, but not before he steals a few hearts on his way.

Let us know in the comments which one you would have wanted to have a crush on you!