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Get Ready To Go Back To Neptune Because A 'Veronica Mars' Revival May be Heading Our Way

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The early 2000s were kind of a weird time for TV. Every popular showed seemed to be some kind of reality series, and while a lot of them were fun, some of us still craved a good scripted story.

Luckily, Veronica Mars graced our screens with all the wit, drama, and heart that we could possibly need.

Kristen Bell played the title character, a teenage private investigator who was constantly getting into situations that no teen should be in, but handling it all with such skill.

Veronica Mars
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Her dad, played by Enrico Colantoni, was her mentor and her constant support system after Veronica's mother left town and her best friend mysteriously died.

The original show spent most of the first season with Veronica investigating the murder, and as the seasons went on the mysteries didn't stop.

The show was cancelled after only three seasons for reasons that I personally will never accept as valid. It was too good of a show to cancel, and the actors knew it.

Veronica Mars
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That's why in 2013 they all banded together to create a Kickstarter to fund a movie. They knew they had a huge fan base, but I don't think they could have possibly predicted the amount of support they would receive.

Their original goal of $2 million was more than doubled by fans, with a total of $5,702,153 raised.

They made the movie with almost everyone from the original show making an appearance, with a new mystery and a way to bring Veronica back to Neptune.

She comes back to once again help Logan out of a bad situation, but ends up being reminded of who she really is, and ends up staying in Neptune, becoming a full-time private investigator.

Veronica Mars
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It's been four years since the movie came out, but we don't really know what's been up with Veronica ever since. Luckily, we may finally find out.

Apparently the streaming giant Hulu is currently in talks to bring back Veronica Mars as a series again, with original creator Rob Thomas on board as well as Kristen Bell. Warner Bros. Television is expected to continue as the studio for the show, just like it did back in the early 00s.

The deal isn't final yet, but it does have people wondering how Bell would be able to star in another show given the fact that she stars on the very successful and funny NBC show The Good Place.

Veronica Mars

It's suspected that the Hulu series would only be a limited run of eight to ten episodes, filming around Bell's availability. Which is perfect, because if you tried to make me pick between these two shows I would seriously have issues.

If it does come back, we will be able to see what is happening with Veronica and find out if she and Logan managed to make it work after all these years. Hopefully we will find out more soon!

Veronica Mars

Would you be excited about a Veronica Mars revival?

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