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Top Education Technologies Students in 80s Could Only Dream About

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The world of technologies is developing at railway speed. More and more innovative software and services appear on the market each day. The students all over the world can benefit from using the Internet and digital libraries, as well as study at college or university remotely. Which technologies were not available to students in the 80s? Let’s discover the best apps and services that can be used by modern students only.

Paper writing solutions

Is it possible to get my papers done with no effort? Who can do my homework for me cheap? Can anyone do my homework online? These were the most common questions of students of the late 80th and 90th. The fact is that nowadays myassignmenthelp review at EssaysWebsites are available to almost all young learners all over the world. Moreover, in case you need to pick up the best solutions, you can easily get tons of reliable essay writing service reviews for students on independent review sites like speedypaper. You don’t need to stick to the library or write your essays for hours - the entire job can be made by writing solutions. However, a few decades ago this was absolutely not possible! All students were forced to complete all their academic assignments by themselves and get help only from their teachers or mentors. Furthermore, the entire research process was much more complicated - the scholars required to read dozens of books to create a simple essay.

Online communication tools

The number of users of the World Wide Web was very limited a few decades ago. Therefore, there were no online communication available during that period. In case someone needed to contact their friends or relatives, they were supposed to have a phone call or go out to see them. This means the students were not able to chat in WhatsApp or another messenger since these apps didn’t even exist. Moreover, the cell phones were an uncommon device, too. By the way, the lucky beggars who could use the Internet in the 80s were forced to wait for a couple of minutes to open a single web page - the Internet speed was very low.

Automated grammar and spelling mistakes checking services

Writing an academic paper was only a student’s responsibility. Furthermore, checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes was also incredibly complicated. There were no automated tools for these purposes. Don’t know how to write a certain word correctly? Find it in a dictionary (paper-based, mostly!)

Learning when watching videos

Now, you can find millions of various videos on any topic on YouTube and other similar services. Modern students can learn how to write essays, make physical experiments, cook, and do whatever they want with the help of educational videos. This was not an option for young learners 40 years ago. Mostly, they could only use paper books for self-education.

Our world has tons of learning opportunities. Try to do your best to improve your knowledge and skills to become competitive in the nearest future. Make your learning process easy and entertaining!