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Awesome Games for Introverts

Nathan Nedley / Pexels

Are you an introvert looking for fun games to entertain yourself? You can certainly be picky when it comes to sports. Introverts that are sports fans don’t relish the idea of playing on a team. But, this doesn’t mean that all sports are meant to be played interactively. Everyone can take advantage of their solitary side and show off their set of skills. Just because you are introverted, it doesn’t mean that you should resign your competitive spirit. There are certain games that will allow you to enjoy your ambitious side, while you remain true to who you really are. It is all about making the right choices and finding a game that works best for you.


Since team sports probably aren’t your thing, you could indulge yourself in a good game of poker. Table games such as this are widely embraced by introverts around the world. It doesn’t require any teamwork or cooperation from your side. It‘s just you and your cards. The best thing about it is that you can play for hours without speaking a word. You can still monitor the signs and maneuvers of other players, but it is one-way communication.

Poker is a game of strategy that requires activation of your brain. While other games accentuate the importance of teamwork, poker requires you to remain still and focused and come up with your own decisions.  You also have to keep up with the situation as a whole and act accordingly.  There is actually much communication in poker. But, it remains non-verbal until the end of the game.

Did you ever imagine that your introverted side could actually help you win and earn some cash? Bluffing is one of the crucial tricks of poker. It is all about controlling your emotions and thoughts. And we must admit that introverts are real professionals at this. You can always control the current emotion and hold yours in. If you are too shy to step up and join a poker table, you can always try it out online first. There are some great versions of poker to be played online, many of which are top rated by


Sports that require interaction aren’t favored by introverts. If you still want to enjoy a good outdoor sport, you can always take a crack at golf. This is a pleasant way to enjoy physical activity and encourage health.  It allows you to enjoy your own company, without having to interact with others. You can play completely by yourself, with no need to consult anyone. Some don’t like the fact that they might have to ask other more experienced players for tips, especially if they are new to the game and need a little help. Or, they also don’t like that they might meet someone on the way to the location. Golf courses are quite spacious.  This means that everyone else is minding their own business. On crowded playgrounds or tennis courts, you simply aren’t able to avoid contact with others. This is why many introverts get turned off from playing sports.

Another great aspect of playing golf is that you are able to be close to nature.  Golf courses are rich with lush green lawns and beautiful trees. The amazing sights and sounds of nature help you relax and relieve stress hormones. It is scientifically proven that being around nature is beneficial to your mind and health.

Football Manager

Introverts possess a wide imagination and are quite creative. You can take advantage of this and exercise it all while playing games. This is beneficial to your mental health, as imagination alone can lead to overthinking and damaging thoughts. All you need to do is put those deep thoughts to good use.

One game that allows you to do that is Football Manager. In this amusing simulation game, it all revolves around managing the club or team that you have picked. You have the chance to manage a few important factors to make your team successful. You determine how fit the players will be, or who will be the leading coach of the day.  You can develop strategies for the game in every possible circumstance. Football Manager allows you to place different factors into the game. This is where your creative thinking can be implemented in order to succeed. Each precious decision requires critical thinking and analyzing skills. Your imagination also plays a vital role.

If you think that your imagination is overactive, then Football Manager is the place where you can let it all go. This can become an intellectual outlet, and also help you improve your own creative skills. However, be sure to set yourself a time limit. This game can be so addictive!