18 Things From the 90s You Totally Forgot About

We had a lot of really interesting toys in the 90s. Things that weren't really that interesting...but with a little imagination they went a long way.

We always remember the big one: Tamagotchis, Furbies, Pokemon cards, Hot Wheels, etc.

But what about the forgotten toys? The ones that were a huge hit for about 3 months and then just...well they fell victim to our ever-changing childhood.

Here's a list of thing that almost everyone had, but almost everyone has forgotten.

1. That bird toy that would balance on your finger.

Did it have a name?

2. The Deluxe Art Kit

Don't break the plastic'll slice your finger open for the rest of time.

3.  Magic Math Machine

4+7 = *squints really hard* maybe 11? maybe a house?

4. Hot Shot Basketball

Look out, Michael Jordan.

5. Waterful Ring-Toss

The only reason I looked forward to going to the doctor's office.

6. Dotters

Were they for Bingo? Were they for art? Depends on the day.

7. Retractable Pens

"Watch me try and click them all down at once!"

8. BrainQuest trivia cards

They were only fun until your parents started taking them on road trips to quiz you.

9. Water Wiggles

Everyone had one...but no one really knows where it came from?

10.  Flying Gliders

For when paper airplanes were too "amateur" for you.


The true prize of any school book fair.

12. Rubber Poppers

"Wait are you sure this actually works? OH WOW LOOK HOW HIGH IT WENT"

13. Straw Bowls

To drink that sweet, sweet nectar known as post-cereal sugar milk.

14. Let's Go Fishin'

Those grubby little fish looked so smug when your magnet didn't fully connect.

15. Sticky Hands

Good for about 3 days...then it just got gross.

16. Mancala

The stones were so smoooooth!

17. Pin Art


18. Crazy Bones

Give me a glittery one or give me death.

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