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They Were One Of The Best TV Families Ever, But Where Are The Keatons Now?

Long before NBC took over the networks with their sitcom schedule in the 90s, a little show called Family Ties came around. It was a unique look at two liberal parents who were raising their kids, one of whom was a Ronald Regan-loving republican named Alex. We still love it today, but have you ever wondered what happened to the cast? Wonder no more!

Tina Yothers - Jennifer Keaton

Yothers briefly continued acting once Family Ties wrapped production in 1989, but after a handful of made-for-TV movies, she decided to stop entirely to focus on a music career. She still plays in the band Jaded, alongside her brother, and has returned to acting in some small parts. Yothers and her husband have two children.

Brian Bonsall - Andy Keaton

Bonsall kept acting on TV through the early 90s, before moving to Boulder, Colorado with his parents and taking up music. He performed in various rock and punk bands through the 90s and 2000s, and is currently a touring member of The Ataris. On a more grim note, Bonsall has had several run-ins with the law, once in 2007 for assaulting his girlfriend, and in 2009 for drug possession.  

We know what you really want though; more info on the elder Keatons. Keep reading to find out!

Justine Bateman - Mallory Keaton

Bateman has remained a consistent film and TV actor since Family Ties ended, appearing regularly on shows like Men Behaving Badly with cameos in others like Desperate Housewives and Modern Family. She recently directed her first short film, Five Minutes, which has been shown at several film festivals!

Meredith Baxter - Elyse Keaton

Baxter was well-established TV actress before joining the cast of Family Ties, thanks to her run on the show Family. She has continued acting to this very day, appearing in TV series such as The Faculty, Spin City, Cold Case, and Finding Carter. She also runs a cancer research foundation!

Michael Gross - Steven Keaton

Gross went on to become something of a cult-favorite actor in the 90s, thanks to his appearance throughout the Tremors series of monster movies. He's also done voice work for several Batman cartoon series, and appeared on multiple episodes of Law and Order. He's also a Railroad Museum historian and curator!

Michael J. Fox - Alex P. Keaton

A man who needs no introduction, Fox followed his stint on Family Ties by starring in the Back to the Future film series, which remains immensely popular to this day. He also had regular roles on shows like Spin City and The Good Wife, as well as movies like Teen Wolf, Homeward Bound, and The Frighteners. On a less upbeat note, Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991 and has suffered from it ever since, but continues to both act and campaign for more awareness of the disease.

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