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There's Now A Bob Ross Coloring Book And It'll Make You Want To Color All The Happy Little Trees

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Whether you are an artist or not, it's easy to appreciate Bob Ross. He is a kind man who speaks in a way that feels like he is always trying to motivate you to do your best. The things Ross was able to do with paint were incredible, but it was only half the reason we watched.


While he was obviously an amazing artist, it was really all the things he said while he painted that kept us all glued to the TV. Having him tell you that "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents" was simultaneously comforting and entertaining.


Trying to paint alongside Bob Ross wasn't always the easiest of tasks. He was honestly just so good that anything we tried to do would end up looking way less impressive. But as he always said, "There's an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us," so we have to keep trying to find them!


Bob Ross may have passed away back in 1995, but his legacy continues to live on. His shows are available on Netflix so you revisit them anytime, and now there is a new way that you can discover the artist that is hidden within!


You can get to feel like you created some of the same amazing images as Bob Ross, without all stress of knowing how to paint!

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