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'The Prince Of Egypt' Was Insanely Star Studded And You Had No Idea

We've all watched 'The Prince of Egypt' at some point in our lives. The 1998 Dreamworks classic told the story of Moses and the Book of Exodus and made over $218 million at the box office.

But even though we all know the story (and the timeless Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston duet), do you even remember who incredibly flawless the cast was?

Val Kilmer as Moses/God


That's right. Kilmer has not only played Batman but he has also played one of the most-worshiped beings of all time.

Ralph Fiennes as Ramses


Before he was Lord Voldemort, Ralph Fiennes voiced Moses' step-brother.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Tzipporah


Michelle Pfeiffer played the wife of Moses, meaning the on-screen .

Sandra Bullock


The incredible philanthropist was also Moses' incredible sister.

Jeff Goldblum as Aaron


The only bad thing about this is that we didn't get to hear his laugh..."Hahahahawraahaarwahaahah!"

Danny Glover as Jethro


The Lethal Weapon actor also had a role in this iconic film.

Patrick Stewart as Seti


Patrick Stewart played the role of Ramses' dad.

Helen Mirren as The Queen


She not only played Queen Elizabeth II, but Mirren also played The Queen in Prince of Egypt who was Ramses' mother and Moses' step-mother.

Steve Martin as Hotep


He's one half of the comedic duo in the film, which is great because he's hilarious.

Martin Short as Huy


The other half of the brilliant duo.

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